Some of the most extraordinary art in the world today is being created by Aboriginal men and women in remote communities throughout Australia; it is radical, contemporary, beautiful and alive. Kanvas Gallery is privileged to represent today's finest established and newly emerging Australian Aboriginal artists with particular emphasis on paintings, sculpture, fabric and glasswork.

"The Universe is made of stories, not of atoms." -- Muriel Rukeyser

Kanvas brings the art of the Australian Aboriginal "Dreamtime" to Charlotte. In the "Dreamtime", fantastic and heroic beings once moved within, upon, and outside the unformed land in a perpetual state of becoming. These mythic beings are the ancestors of the Australian Aboriginal peoples, embued with the ability for multitudinous, shapeshifiting incarnations, becoming animals, plants, water, stars, earth or rock. Out of their interactions with each other, the earth, and the universe, the world came into being. The experiences, transformations and history of the ancestors of the Dreamtime continue to inform and direct the Aboriginal mind and soul today.

The Aboriginal "Dreamtime's" powerful influence can be seen and felt in the contemporary Australian Aboriginal art offered at Kanvas. Its mystical connectedness to the primeval sources of creativity is why we find this art so unique and compelling. The artists we represent are internationally-renowned and are collected by private clients, museums and corporations worldwide.

Also, Kanvas is a scrupulous practitioner of fair trade practices on behalf of Aboriginal artists. 90% of our art purchases are made directly through community art centers operating under the guidance of ANKAAA or Desart.


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